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Trauma Informed Care

  Help with Trauma Informed Care and Treatment

It is the tragic reality of our world that most people have some history of accident, injury, or abuse. When the body is unable to fully release these overwhelming experiences, everything is impacted. Even small daily activities become difficult. For instance,  car accidents commonly cause anxiety, insomnia, digestive upset, and impaired memory, in addition to chronic pain from tissue damage. This may be accompanied by a feeling years later that something just isn't right, but all the tests come back normal and it's impossible to pinpoint anything physically wrong.


Recovery must include calming the nervous system and restoring a sense of safety in the body. As humans, we digest our life experiences just as we digest our food. Some things are too painful to take in without threatening our entire being and we need help recovering. Over a lifetime, many layers of injury overlap, impairing the circulation of Qi, blood, lymph, and other substances. Metabolic processes are disrupted and cellular waste accumulates. This leads to inflammation, pain, and further degeneration. Without treatment, the residue of traumatic injury coats and colors all subsequent experiences with varying degrees of impact lasting a lifetime. Trauma accelerates aging, contributes to chronic disease, and is directly associated with a host of debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia and IBS.


Fortunately, it is possible to break this cycle. In optimal health, everything in the body flows smoothly. This is why we say that attending to injury is a kind of preventative medicine! Don't be dismayed if you've had pain for decades. Sometime even deep old trauma can be released in one session. 


Finding the right doctor can make all the difference. Treating the body as a whole, both inside and out, will give you the best opportunity for recovery. Dr. Rowan specializes in holistic treatment of the physical and psycho-emotional aspects of traumatic injury. She combines the best of modern research with the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine. Whether you need acute care for a recent accident, or you suspect an old experience remains unresolved in your body, contact us to learn more about what Dr. Rowan can do for you. 

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