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Holistic Medicine

  Achieve and Maintain Optimum Health with Holistic Medicine

Western medicine examines the current state of the body. Do you have an immediate injury, disease, or condition? If so, how can medicine target that one ailment independently in order to resolve it? Unlike standard Western medicine, holistic medicine looks at each person's overall health in order to achieve a path to wellness. Holistic medicine considers the person's attitude, spiritual and emotional state, as well as their social, mental, and physical wellbeing.


Doctors of holistic medicine, see the body as a process rather than a collection of discrete symptoms or diseases. What does this mean and why does it matter for you? Processes can be reversed. Chinese medicine doctors can identify patterns well in advance of disease manifestation and we can correct the disharmony so that the person returns to healthy function instead of continuing to develop disease. For instance, many chronic diseases stem from circulatory problems. Heart disease results from disruptions to blood circulation. The condition we identify as Diabetes is a circulatory disease of the energetic body that causes problems at the cellular level because cells are unable to access the energy necessary to function. Parkinson's is a circulatory problem of the brain and central nervous system. Cancer is a circulatory problem that develops when the body's ability to metabolize and eliminate cellular debris is catastrophically disrupted. All states of health and disease can be understood within this holistic framework. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical drugs disrupt circulation and inhibit cellular function. Doctors optimistically prescribe drugs without awareness of the longterm effects, because conventional medicine does not fully understand the body as a complex system. Even the best drug trials are too short to give a complete picture of the impact on lifelong health.  


Chinese medicine has been refined over thousands of years. Doctors of Chinese medicine understand how the body works and why it breaks down. Despite being relatively new in the West, the longterm benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine are well documented. Individual and independent ailments and disease processes can be mitigated and even cured when all pathways and channels of the body are working together in harmony. As an expert in Chinese medicine, Dr. Rowan seeks to achieve overall wellness in her patients by looking at health and wellbeing as a function of the whole body.

While there are many options for holistic medicine, finding a holistic doctor that is able to understand and address all aspects of your wellbeing is pivotal. How do you know which holistic doctor to turn to and trust? Before selecting a holistic doctor, be sure to do your research on the doctor. What areas of expertise do they have? Do their ambitions and focus align with your own health and wellbeing goals? Are you able to read testimonials from past patients to learn about the methods and practices commonly used? Answering these questions will undoubtedly lead you to selecting an excellent holistic doctor. Dr. Rowan is eager to accept new patients, and excited to help you start a new path to overall health and wellbeing. Turn to the experts to put your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies in connection with one another, providing health in both the short and long term time frame.

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