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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

  Why Choose Chinese Medicine?

Modern day medicine, commonly referred to as Western medicine, is able to tackle a great deal of medical problems. Modern medicine is able to heal broken bones, cure disease, and prevent future disease. There are however, limitations to modern medicine. There is an innate connection between all elements of the body that dictate a person's overall health. The practice of Chinese medicine is able to unite these forces and find a reason and understanding for overall health and wellness. Only Chinese medicine is able to find the true living force that lives in each person and balances the connection between us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, as well as physically. By finding and cultivating this energy pathway and balance in the human body it is possible to not only cure current conditions and diseases, but help to prevent possible disease and injury in the future.

Understanding this balance between forces in the body takes a special and experienced medical doctor who is knowledgeable and well versed. A Chinese medicine practitioner has spent years dedicated to researching and understanding the delicate balance found in the human body. A Chinese medicine practitioner should be able to understand the purpose and benefits of modern day Western medicine, but apply the principles and teachings derived from Chinese medicine in order to help restore his or her patient's overall health. Dr. Rowan is dedicated to helping her patients find overall balance and health. She wants her patients to live a healthy life, and if possible eliminate the need for ongoing medication and prescription drugs in order to cure common ailments. She believes that by finding balance within the body, it is completely possible to improve overall health and quality of life.

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