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Monthly Treatment Plan

When making sweeping lifestyle changes, one-on-one mentorship is essential. You will have many questions throughout this course! Although there will be time allotted each week for Q&A, I am offering a special package of treatments that includes additional time for discussion and emotional support.

Body Composition Analysis

We will measure your body composition at each of these appointments to directly observe improvements in muscle and fat mass, body fluids, bone density, and even how efficiently your cells conduct energy. 

Snowy Night

The course will be conducted online via Zoom

Tuesday from 7-8:30pm Beginning February 1st, 2022


Cost is $300

Payment plans available


Hey There


At the start of the Chinese New Year, on Tuesday February 1st, I will be launching a new 12 week course.


The course is designed to help you understand the most impactful changes you can make to improve your lifespan and healthspan. My approach combines my Chinese medicine framework with modern scientific evidence to provide you with a flexible and efficient plan. At the end of the course you will have a distillation of best practices for optimal sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, immune support, emotional balance, hydration, and breathwork. You will have a solid grasp of your own constitutional type and you will know how to do a basic assessment of your body when symptoms arise so that you can begin addressing them at home.


I cannot overemphasize this single fact: the small daily choices you make have the biggest impact on the length and quality of your life. All serious chronic diseases start small. They are only chronic because Western medicine hasn't figured out how to treat them but most are preventable and many are treatable though comprehensive lifestyle modifications, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Empower yourself to make the right choices!  


Join me and learn how to activate your innate healing power!  


Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dark Waves
Tranquil forest
Buddhist Monk Meditating
Rock Formation
Shades of White Stone

February 1: Week One

Course Overview and Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

  • Awaken to a new paradigm as we discuss the key principles of transformational healing, life extension, and longterm happiness drawn from ancient wisdom and modern research

February 8: Week Two

Wisdom in Action

  • How to bring the core principles into your daily life with the most ease and impact

  • The Ruby Slippers Moment - you've had the power all along

  • How to create habits that stick

February 15: Week Three

Introduction to the Water Phase

  • How and why of Proper hydration

  • Magical properties of living water  

  • Understanding the Impacts of Trauma

  • Essential practices for releasing fear and anxiety and regaining calm

February 22: Week Four

Water Phase in Action

  • Deeper dive into proven strategies for maintaining emotional health and reducing the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of trauma

March 1: Week Five

Introduction to the Wood Phase

  • How and why of aerobic fitness and optimal cellular function

  • Eliminating chronic pain

  • Impacts of toxicity and stress in our external and internal environment

March 8: Week Six

Wood Phase in Action

  • How to get in shape fast while boosting mood and mental clarity 

  • Robust strength in three minutes a day

  • Reducing stressors while increasing resiliency 

March 15: Week Seven

Introduction to the Fire Phase

  • Why sleep matters and how to achieve blissful sleep

  • Healing power of sustained Passion, Joy, Gratitude, Compassion, and Connection

March 22: Week Eight

Fire Phase in Action

  • Developing heart and brain coherence to turbocharge innate healing

  • Tools for emotional balance

March 29: Week Nine

Introduction to the Earth Phase

  • Principles of holistic nutrition and metabolic flexibility

  • Healing the microbiome

  • Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

April 5: Week Ten

Earth Phase in Action

  • Practical strategies for eating well - even with limited time and money

  • Eating in alignment with the seasons and cycles of life

April 12: Week Eleven

Introduction to the Metal Phase

  • Optimal respiration

  • Keys to healthy immune function

  • Consciously receiving and letting go of all things

April 19: Week Twelve

Metal Phase in Action

  • Breathwork practices

  • Moving through loss and grief

  • Bringing it all together - Living in Flow


My mission in life is to alleviate suffering and help others awaken to the beauty of our cosmos.


I'd like to share a personal story. On Valentine's Day in 2020, as COVID-19 first appeared in the US, my mother passed away. Her death was neither sudden, nor surprising. She had lived with pancreatic cancer for 2 ½ years since her initial diagnosis. 


Such a devastating medical diagnosis can spark major transformation in people and their families. Priorities are re-evaluated and all those little things that didn't seem pressing suddenly feel quite urgent. Sometimes, miracles occur and aggressive diseases are slowed or even reversed. In my mother's case, although she outlived her initial prognosis by more than two years, the cancer proved too advanced and aggressive for total remission.  

Watching her fight for her life as her body deteriorated, left an indelible mark on our whole family. It's a horrifying way to die and not something I want to repeat. So, even in my grief, I dedicated myself to improving my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. These efforts have been profoundly rewarding and I'm eager to pass along what I've learned. 

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