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Welcome to Luminous Health! Like feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin after an interminably long winter, Luminous Health is about feeling connected to your inner vitality. It's about improving your "healthspan" not just your lifespan - living better, longer - and enhancing the connection within the body/mind and the greater whole. Many people come for pain relief, and this approach is effective for resolving pain, but this is only a small part of what we can do. Write a list of your goals and come discover the far-reaching potential of this medicine to promote health, enhance embodiment, and expand awareness.  


* Dr. Rowan specializes in treating the physical and psycho-emotional impacts of traumatic injury whether this is from a recent car crash or something that occurred long ago. The body holds the tension until it feels safe to release and relax. Other specialties include support for fertility; lung, liver, and heart conditions; digestive and metabolic health; auto-immune conditions; and healthy aging for longterm vitality. Essentially, Chinese medicine is all about restoring flow. When flow is blocked, disease arises. Restore the flow and health returns. This applies equally to physical/energetic circulation in the body and flow in your life. 


If you have a complex or mysterious condition that other healthcare practitioners have failed to resolve, call today! Dr. Rowan loves a good puzzle and she is often able to shed a light on these conditions due to her unconventional understanding of how the body works.

New Bodywork Offering

You may now book a 60 minute session of therapeutic bodywork without acupuncture. This is a blend of craniosacral therapy, myofascial release therapy, visceral manipulation therapy, and fascial counterstrain designed to go deeply into those tight/stuck places for transformational healing.

"Dr. Rowan has been a Godsend
"I have had health problems since childhood. I originally started seeing Dr. Rowan for help with chronic low back pain, but what I have received is SO much more!! Not only do I no longer have sciatica and stabbing pain in my back, but Dr. Rowan has essentially become my primary care doc and is helping to get to the root of all my health challenges. And bonus! Perimenopause without hot flashes! I can’t thank you enough Dr. Rowan!"


- Carrie

My Approach

“Life is newly rich and robust!
"Dr. Elizabeth Rowan has transformed my experience and perspective about health and healthcare. Her compassion, skill set and experience offers truly unique and holistic healing sessions. She is genuine and generous, always reassuring my comfort and ability to heal myself.”

- Michaela


  • Dr. Rowan can feel subtle sensations in the body including unresolved injuries, inflammation, and pain. This is useful for both diagnosis and treatment. 

  • With Chinese pulse diagnosis, she can quickly assess the relative health of each organ, the state of the nervous system and systemic blood circulation, the emotional state, past trauma, and more.  

  • She combines acupuncture, therapeutic touch, and custom herbal formulations to restore health.

  • She integrates her Classical Chinese medicine framework with her understanding of Western biomedicine - ask her about mitochondrial dysfunction and what you can do about it! She enjoys interpreting lab results and explaining the difference between "normal" and "optimal" and will help you return to the optimal range. 

  • Her medical paradigm recognizes each individual in the context of their own life and she designs treatments to help each person reach health goals. 

  • She stays current on research-based nutrition, exercise, and sleep protocols for optimal health and longevity.

  • As a mother and former early childhood teacher, she is an experienced listener and educator.

  • Like the Chinese medicine doctors of antiquity, she is slightly obsessed with slowing the aging process so that she can still hike five miles when she's 90 years old. She would love to guide you in this practice if you have longevity goals. 

She will help you regain:

  • Abundant energy throughout the day

  • Deep and restorative sleep each night

  • Complete digestion with daily elimination

  • Clarity of thought

  • Sense of calm and contentment

  • Healthy immune system

  • Appropriate response to stress

  • Comfort in the body without aches and pains


Contact Dr. Rowan if you struggle with any of these!



"For many years I have not been sick but I've not been well -- and over the course of this time I have called upon a litany of healers and their ideologies: Medical professionals, "Energy Integration", ayurveda, psychotherapy, Zen meditation, and a wide spectrum of diets. I also saw a well-respected acupuncturist for 6 years. The results always ranged from temporary to fleeting; nothing really stuck.  


I don't remember exactly what drew me to Dr. Rowan (happenstance? fate?) but after only one session I could feel the dullness of spirit begin to enliven; by the end of the second it was as though a switch had been thrown. The continuing results have been tremendous. I can't speak for her methodology but I suspect my results stem from her ability to see through the veil of symptoms and target the heart of the ailment. To me that's an amazing marriage of knowledge and experience -- and I am deeply grateful for her gifts. Thank you."  


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Tea Set


"Chinese medicine and acupuncture has truly changed my entire life. When I first started seeing Elizabeth Rowan, DSOM, LAC, I was having symptoms from an auto-immune disease, Crohn’s, as well as numerous uncomfortable symptoms from daily stressors and chronic inflammation in the body including depression, acne and joint pain. Elizabeth is a true healer that uses a number of different approaches to work at unraveling old patterns in the body to get to the root cause of disease, while also helping to heal acute issues, like body pain, that stem from the burden of modern daily life. Due to the treatment I have received (acupunture, chinese herbs, body work and cranial sacral therapy), I am now able to live a fulfilling life without the constant symptoms of chronic illness impacting my ability to function. I am so grateful to have access to this medicine, an amazing practitioner and clinic. Thank you!"

- Rachelle

“Beautiful Experience!

I have just had my first appointment with Dr. Rowan. I am a complicated patient who has multiple issues. Dr. Rowan was incredibly patient and made me feel encouraged in sharing all the pieces of my health. After acupuncture, I left with some herbal supplements. For the first time in a long while, I feel hopeful as to my health. What I would most encourage this reader with is that Dr. Rowan is intuitive and patient and will make an excellent guide and partner to optimal health.”

- Beth

“I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Rowan. I have been seeing Dr. Rowan for about 10 months to help me maintain a high state of vitality. I'm very happy with the results. She is great at asking the right questions and she takes the time to find out what's really going on. Her treatments and herbs have definitely improved my kidney function and she has found a way to greatly reduce my neck stiffness which has been a problem for many years!”

- Greg

“As a woman in my 60's, I have multiple issues going on at the same time. Dr. Rowan is able to listen carefully to my symptoms and then assess where and what to treat to get the maximum relief for me. It helps that she's well-versed in supporting the body with Chinese herbs so that the healing can continue well after the session is over. I also very much appreciate the thought that has gone into creating a lovely and relaxing healing space. ”


- Daria

The True Power of Medicine

In ancient times, doctors described three levels of medicine.

The lowest level treated disease after it manifested.

The middle level prevented illness.

The highest level of medicine holistically supported vitality and longevity,

so that each person could fulfill their destiny.


This is the true power of medicine available today.

Is poor health keeping you from completing your life's work?

True Power of Medicine
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